Luna Keller Shares Gorgeous New Single ‘She's Not Good for Me’

Spanish/German singer and songwriter Luna Keller shares her brand new single She's Not Good for Me, a captivating acoustic folk gem taken from her forthcoming album Ocean Inside Of Me. 
She's Not Good For Me finds the talented artist embracing vulnerability as she delves into the challenging process of fully accepting oneself, including the darker aspects that led to moments of turmoil. What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how comforting it sounds, with Luna Keller's enchanting vocals capturing our attention from start to finish. Keller's introspective lyrics are flawlessly delivered through her expressive, dynamic vocal delivery that radiates so much vulnerability and raw emotion that instantly got me feeling each and every single word she is singing. Contributing more for this vulnerable yet comforting atmosphere, we have the delicate acoustic guitar strums and soul-stirring melodies that create the perfect soundscape for her stunning vocals and relatable storytelling to soar.
Speaking about the song, Luna Keller said,
Recovery from a mental health struggle is not at all linear and coming to terms with that is hard. I still have triggers and tough moments, but I have better tools and a new perspective to deal with them in a compassionate way. This song is a testament to that process.
Accompanying the release, Keller shares its striking music video, directed by Davide Fantuzzi, which you can check out below!


She's Not Good For Me is the eighth chapter of Luna's concept album "Ocean Inside Of Me," a deeply personal narrative that explores themes of darkness, self-discovery, and self-love. Each Chapter illuminates a different side of dealing with depression and finding oneself again.