Kurran Karbal Shares New Single ‘We Won't Be Alone Forever’

UK-based singer, songwriter and producer Kurran Karbal shares his brand new single We Won't Be Alone Forever, the latest single to be taken from his upcoming album, Dumb and Dhamma which is set to arrive this Autumn. 
Out now via non-genre conforming label/collective, XYZ123, We Won't Be Alone Forever is a fun, laid-back piece of music that instantly got me in a good mood and ready for a relaxing weekend. There's somewhat of a vintage, timeless appeal in this song that instantly makes it quite a memorable listening experience, getting me excited to want to share it with you. Kurran Karbal's smooth, expressive vocals glide confidently over the melodious production that pairs lush guitar plucks with cool electronics and steady drum patterns, together creating an overall summery, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend out enjoying the sun.