Holly Bruce Unveils New Single ‘Love Remains’

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Holly Bruce shares her brand new single Love Remains, a poignant tribute to resilience and compassion in the face of tragedy. 
Inspired by the devastating Washington 2014 mudslide, Love Remains finds Holly Bruce pouring her heart out and taking us on a deeply personal journey through loss, empathy and self-discovery. Bruce's emotive lyrics and evocative vocals weave a tapestry of reflection, hope, and healing. I adore how rich and powerful her vocals sound, effortlessly commanding listeners' attention from start to finish. 
Through introspection and spiritual growth, Bruce explores the profound impact of love, gratitude, and compassion on shaping our lives and relationships. This message is wrapped around a captivating production that pairs her rich vocals and harmonies with dramatic piano keys, punchy drums and a high-energy bridge that together make this quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience packed with soul and emotion.



Speaking about the song Bruce shares, 
Empathizing with those who suddenly were deceased and those still living that were connected to them, inspired me to reflect upon what really matters in life. Choosing 'Love Remains' is a moment by moment practice of both surrendering ego and taking a radical approach to being responsible for my responses.