Holly Blair Shares New Single ‘baby girl, he's so boring’

LA-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and filmmaker Holly Blair shares her brand new single baby girl he’s so boring, the latest single to be taken from Holly's upcoming second EP, Then Comes The Lightning, out this summer. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how smooth and soothing Blair's vocal delivery is, beautifully setting the tone for a memorable listening experience. baby girl, he’s so boring finds the talented artist exploring the idea of ‘the chase’ - of having to fight for somebody or convince them that you are the right person. The song has a playful take on the feelings of shame, guilt and self-worth especially in queer relationships, a message flawlessly delivered through Blair's stunning vocals which radiate so much soul and emotion. Backing her lush vocals we have a memorable driving beat seamlessly paired with a killer bass and a downtempo groove that come together to create a smooth, somewhat melancholic atmosphere perfect for a laid-back weekend.



Speaking about the song, Holly Blair said, 
It was definitely in part inspired by a girl whose ex-boyfriend was really upset about her moving on with a woman, and was sort of shaming her for it. It's a playful take on those really deep feelings of guilt and shame, of self worth and self destruction, especially in queer relationships. It’s also about gender roles in some ways, and to me a way to call out some men's feelings of inherent ownership over the women they have dated. With the line “I don’t get what you owe him” I’m referring to the guilt that queer people often carry when they come out to their prior hetero partners. I dealt with so much of that when I first came out, and this song is kind of a reaction to all of the men that felt entitled to my sexuality over the years. It’s a light hearted reclaiming of those feelings of guilt and shame by trying to get the girl I’m seeing out of that headspace I was once in. 
I think this song lives somewhere between playful and melancholic, and I just want people to have fun with whatever they take from it. It’s about so many different sides of myself— the side that wants so badly to be chosen or loved, and also the confident and sexy side of me that are over all the bullshit gender roles in society. It’s about my darkest shadows and it’s also not that deep, and I kind of love existing in both of those places at once. And mostly, it's a song for all the queer girlies out there.