Henry Morris Unveils New Single ‘Forever Young’

American artist Henry Morris shares his brand new single Forever Young, an alluring and sensual piece of music. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how smooth and soothing it sounds, beautifully setting the tone for a warm and sensual listening experience. Co-written and co-produced with Taylor Ross, Forever Young finds the talented artist telling a tale of reckless young love. The young couple eloped and only when they are alone and far away from home do they grapple with the gravity of their decision, realising all that they have thrown away and hoping to remain “forever young” with the other as the spark quickly fades and their love wilts. This message is wrapped around a captivating indie-pop/rock production with lush strings, delicate guitar plucks, steady drum patterns and rhythms that come together to create such a warm, soothing atmosphere perfect for bedroom sessions.