Dorian Sorriaux Shares New Single ‘Need To Love’

Following the release of his gorgeous singles Sunken Ship, Just a Little More and Children of the Moon, French singer and songwriter Dorian Sorriaux returns with Need To Love, the latest single to be taken from his upcoming record, Children of the Moon, coming out on June 14th on The Sign Records. 
Like its predecessors, Need To Love is a captivating Folk-Rock gem that finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing his expressive, heartfelt vocals and relatable storytelling. Here Sorriaux sings about self-love and self destruction, encouraging listeners to find love within ourselves instead of running away. I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how it glides beautifully over the polished production, instantly infusing it with a dose of vulnerability and emotion. Backing his delicate vocal delivery we have a live instrumentation that pairs intricate guitar riffs with steady drum beats and lovely harmonies, together creating an overall warm, intimate listening experience.



Speaking about the song, Dorian Sorriaux said, 
“Need To Love” is a song that was inspired by an encounter I had while travelling on tour. It´s a song about self love and self destruction. It sounds like a love ballad but there is a deeper meaning to it that relates to finding love in someone or within yourself instead of running away and self destruct. It was originally released on my EP “ Hungry Ghost” and over the years it has resonated with a lot of people. This song always felt really special to me so I wanted to re record it with a full band for the album.