Devon Cole Shares New Single ‘I Got You’

Toronto-based alt-pop singer and songwriter Devon Cole shares her brand new single I Got You, a buoyant friendship anthem out now via Arista Records. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and blissful atmosphere that instnatly made my day shine a little brighter. Devon Cole's vocals are such a pleasure to listen to, so rich and packed with emotion, effortlessly capturing our attention from start to finish. I Got You is an upbeat earworm and an ode to friendship, about being a good friend and being there for your friends. This friendship anthem is wrapped around an infectious pop production that pairs catchy guitar plucks with delicate piano keys and steady percussive elements that come together to create an overall warm, blissful atmosphere perfect for those carefree weekends out with your best friends.



Speaking about the song, Devon explains, 
’I Got You’ is a song about being a good friend. It’s a little ironic for me to have written this song because I've historically not been the best friend. I tend to hermit and I’m trash at responding to anyone’s texts… even my best friends. So, this song is aspirational. I have amazing friends - they are hilarious, intelligent, and iconic. They deserve the kind of friend described in this song. Writing ‘I Got You’ forced me to confront myself and work towards doing better.