Caleb Hearn Unveils Heartfelt New Single ‘Klonopin’

Nashville-via-North Carolina singer/songwriter Caleb Hearn shares his brand new single Klonopin, his most personal track to date. 
Out now on Nettwerk Music, Klonopin follows his previous single Little Bit Better (a collaboration with singer-songwriter ROSIE) and finds the talented artist pouring his heart out and showing his vulnerable side as he sings about his own mental health struggles such as piercing anxiety and burdensome panic attacks. A song packed with raw, honest emotion that sees him stepping outside his normal comfort zone to shed light on such a deeply personal matter that most of us can also relate to. 
You can feel the raw emotion and soul pouring from his delivery, finding him looking within and rising above his own unhealthy relationship with dependency and the “quick fix.” This heartfelt storytelling is wrapped aroundd a captivating blend of soul-pop and folk elements, featuring delicate acoustic guitar melodies, lush, echoing harmonies and emotive piano keys that together create such a warm, emotional atmosphere perfect for those introspective moments alone.



Speaking about the song, Caleb Hearn said, 
‘Klonopin’ is a really personal song for me. I wanted to write a song that others could relate to while also staying true to what it means to me. I struggle with a panic disorder that has been debilitating over the last few years. ‘Klonopin’ is a quick fix as needed anxiety medication that can be highly addictive and cause dependency. The issue is it is just a temporary fix so it’s tough to rely on something like that. I’m doing much better with it but writing a song like this was extremely therapeutic and difficult at the same time. I want people to feel like they’re not alone in this and I think this song screams that message.