Bryony Williams Shares New Single ‘The Party’

British indie-pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bryony Williams shares her new single The Party, the latest track from her upcoming debut album which will be released in two parts this year, with the first part released on June 13th, You Are Here - Part 1. 
The Party is an Americana-tinged indie-pop song that finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her storytelling abilities and smooth, expressive vocals. A metaphor for life, The Party was written about Bryony's frustrations with the fact that we all appear to be living the same narratives, generation after generation, going through the same typical tropes. A song about seeing life moving too fast and all you want to do is escape the day-to-day and see the world and live life to the fullest. Bryony's vocals are quite a pleasure to listen to and beautifully convey the emotions she's going through, gliding effortlessly over the steady drum patterns and intricate guitar riffs that come together to create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective weekend.



Speaking about the song, Bryony said, 
I get almost paralysed by this concept. The song documents my internal push and pull of living conventionally and/or living my truth, which isn’t to get a mortgage, isn’t to start a family, isn’t to work until retirement/death, but to instead “escape the day-to-day and start living. I then get so far imagining this escapism; this way of life (travel, freedom, backpacking, living out of a van), but I am quickly pulled back into reality of having to reside in one place and work, and grow older. This all feeds into my worries of life moving way too fast and that within a blink, another day, another year has gone by. At this point, this song is almost a parody of all the above on a personal level because I seem to have this existential crisis most days!