B.Miles Shares New Single ‘Emergency Contact’

New York singer and songwriter B.Miles shares her brand new single Emergency Contact, a gripping ode to finding empowerment in independence, out now on Moon Crawl Records. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how beautifully her vocals glide over the captivating indietronica production. Emergency Contact finds B.Miles singing about some feelings and decisions following the end of a relationship, such as having to change your emergency contact as you are not longer together, but you can still reach out to them if you want to. This relatable storytelling is beautifully delivered through her enchanting vocals that are backed by a memorable driving beat, intricate guitar riffs and mesmerizing melodies that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for a late night drive or for those chill weekends at home.



B.Miles on Emergency Contact
A few summers ago, I sat with a bunch of friends in a backyard asking them who their emergency contact was. I’ve always been fascinated by how someone picks one. I moved across the country from my family many years ago and depended on my significant other during my 20s to be my emergency contact. When we split up as I entered my 30s, I had a quick realization that without them in my life, there was nobody I could consider to be another choice. Adding another layer to that is, in reality, your old ‘emergency contact’ is still around - and you can still technically reach out to them - but there’s a fear that holds you back from doing so.