TENDER Share New Single ‘sprinkles’

Rising UK indie duo TENDER, consisting of artists James Cullen and Dan Cobb, share their brand new single sprinkles, the latest single to be taken from their upcoming third studio album Flux, set to arrive later this year via Nettwerk. 
sprinkles is a lush indie/electro-pop song that features lead singer James Cullen's reverb vocals beautifully infusing the song with a memorable touch of emotion and euphoria that is backed by a trip-hop groove. This is a song about going through a life changing event with someone, a relatable message nicely backed by delicate piched-up samples and atmospheric synths, that, combined with the killer beat and dreamy vocals, create such a magical, memorable listening experience perfect for a late night drive or for those reflective moments alone.


Speaking about the single’s themes, the duo explained that ‘sprinkles’ is about,

Going through a life altering event with someone. Wondering if you feel the same about what has happened and if it will affect the love you share.