Starlight Alice Share New Single ‘Impatient’

Following the success of their debut single, I Swear to God (You're Never Getting Out), British duo Starlight Alice, consisting of artists Jacob Browne and Luke Potter, return with their sophomore single Impatient, a passionate and energetic piece of music! 
Impatient is a relatable song in these difficult times for lot of people who are trying to find their future and make something out of their lives. This message is flawlessly delivered through Jacob Browne's powerful, passionate vocals which exude so much emotion that instantly makes the song quite a memorable listening experience. I am a fan of the raspy touches of his delivery and how passionate and heartfelt it sounds, effortlessly making me want to sing along to it. Backing his vocals we have an infectious blend of country, folk, pop and rock elements (I am particularly fond of the intricate guitars, punchy drums and piano keys) that come together to create a high-energy, anthemic atmosphere perfect for the weekend!