Nicky MacKenzie Shares New Single ‘Morals’

Canadian singer-songwriter Nicky MacKenzie shares her brand new single Morals, the title track of her forthcoming EP, MORALS
Out now on Blue Heron Music, Morals is a song about being a people pleaser your whole life until you decide to start saying no and walk away from situations that don’t serve or even entertain you anymore. This sounds like the perfect song for me as I tend to be a people pleaser, but I am also starting to say no and prioritise myself as nobody else will. This message is flawlessly conveyed through her rich, soulful vocals and harmonies that are such a joy and pleasure to listen to, gliding effortlessly over the infectious Contemporary R&B production. I am also very fond of the catchy beat and infectious melodies that together create an overall warm, confident atmosphere perfect for a laid-back weekend alone. I have this song on repeat and I think you will too!



Speaking about the song, Nicky MacKenzie said, 
I wanted to create something catchy that also has a deeper cathartic meaning to it. I think it’s a feeling everyone has eventually, needing to just let go of doubt and give in to your wants. I just wanted to give it a bit of a sassy tone.