MICHA Drops New Single ‘One Call Away’

Dutch singer-songwriter MICHA shares his brand new single One Call Away, a passionate alt-pop song out now via LV Music. 
I am loving how powerful MICHA's vocals are, and how that raspy touch enhances the raw emotion and soul pouring from his heartfelt delivery. One Call Away is a song about being in love with someone that's with someone else but you want to be together, even though the other person will end up with a broken heart. MICHA's vocals are definitely the star of the song and they are nicely accompanied by lush acoustic guitar riffs which are seamlessly paired with a catchy trap-inspired beat and soaring guitars that culminate in a highly infectious chorus packed with energy and emotion!



MICHA says:
"One call away" is quite literally about someone being one call away from you. It’s about knowing that you're one move, one night, one call away from being together…. even though that means she’ll have to break someone else’s heart.