Luna Keller & Dom Malin Share Heartwarming Single ‘Shoulder’

Spanish/German singer and songwriter Luna Keller teams up with British singer and songwriter Dom Malin to deliver Shoulder, a heartwarming folk song taken from her forthcoming album Ocean Inside Of Me. 
A poignant tribute to the guiding lights in our lives, Shoulder finds both artists beautifully showcasing their smooth, expressive vocals which exude so much soul and emotion that is impossible not to feel what they are singing about. A cathartic writing process for Luna which shares a message of friendship and being there for each other in moments of need. Apart from the heartfelt lyrics, that resonate with warmth and vulnerability, and their gorgeous vocals, I am particularly fond of the accompanying guitar chords which are seamlessly paired with haunting harmonies and subtle rhythms that together create an overall warm, comforting atmosphere.



Speaking about the song, Luna Keller said, 
I really love how this song emerged in a moment were Dom was the lighthouse in my darkness, it feels like it truly embodies our friendship. 
Dom Malin added,
The creative synergy between Luna and me flowed effortlessly as she penned the heartfelt lyrics while I crafted the accompanying guitar chords. Before we knew it, "Shoulder" was born -a song that encapsulated the 'essence of our bond.