Leah Mason Shares New Single ‘Klepto’

Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Leah Mason shares her brand new single Klepto, an upbeat pop/rock gem out now via The 13th! 
The follow up to her empowering anthem YOUR BOYFRIEND SUCKS, Klepto finds the talented artist marrying her penchant for introspective storytelling with catchy melodies and uptempo, alt-pop production. I am a fan of her smooth, confident vocals and how they effortlessly glide over the upbeat production, instantly connecting me to her relatable storytelling. Klepto dives into themes like heartbreak, friendship breakups, love, loss and everything in-between, fearlessly exploring the highs and lows of young adulthood with a playful yet unflinchingly honest touch. Backing her vocals and this storytelling we have upbeat guitar riffs seamlessly paired with punchy drum patterns and an infectious chorus perfect to sing along to.



Speaking on the relatable experience that inspired Klepto, she says, 
The song is about this friend I had who I noticed started to take a lot of ‘inspiration’ from me. She would subtly ask me about where my clothes were from, and the next week she’d show up in the same thing I had been wearing. It was flattering at first, but she eventually started messing around with the people in my life, like talking to guys she knew I liked and inviting my friends to hang out without me. It was like she wanted my life. It was so frustrating because it felt like she would try to take everything I told her about. She was a goddamn klepto!