Karen-Lee Batten Shares New Single ‘Somewhere in Between’

Canadian country recording artist Karen-Lee Batten has just shared her brand new single Somewhere in Between, an upbeat Country gem about finding balance amidst life's many uncertainties. 
Co-written by Batten with Mitch Merrett and the song’s producer Jeff Johnson (Madeline Merlo, Meghan Patrick), Somewhere in Between is a contemplative contemporary country-pop song that showcases Batten's rich, expressive vocal style that won me over from the start. You can feel the passion and emotion pouring from her stellar vocal delivery which is backed by a memorable blend of pop-rock and country elements. Apart from her vocals I am particularly fond of the punchy drum patterns and soaring guitar riffs that are packed with so much energy that enhance the emotion pouring from her vocals.



Speaking about the song, Batten says,
When you really stop and think about it, there is a lot of chaos in our lives. This song developed from realizing the importance of finding time for moments with the people who matter. At the same time, it’s just as necessary to find space and opportunity for yourself to thrive. This song is about finding balance and staying grounded amidst the many uncertainties of life.