Emily James Shares Heart-Wrenching Ballad ‘London’

Los Angeles-based, singer and songwriter Emily James shares her brand new single London, a heart-wrenching ballad taken from her upcoming The aLtErNaTeS Pt. 2 EP set to arrive on October 18th via Nettwerk! 
I am loving the warmth and intimate atmosphere of the song and how it focuses the listener's attention to her stunning, heartfelt vocal delivery. London is a song about the initial moments following a breakup, when you don't want to face that person and all you want to do is escape and start a new life. A very relatable sotrytelling flawlessly conveyed through Emily James's spellbinding vocals that are accompanied by an emotive piano-based production and a dreamy, enchanting chorus perfect to give you the feels in no time. You can feel the raw emotion pouring from her voice, and I love how the whole atmosphere makes me feel a bit sad, as if I am the one going through a breakup. This is one of those songs that just make me want to come back over and over again!



Emily explains: 
’London’ represents the initial feelings you might have when a breakup is fresh. There's a lot of emotions and you don't really want to face all of them so you turn to escaping; in this case literally escaping the country and romanticizing the idea of starting an entirely new life. The song slips between feelings of sadness, a bit of bitterness, and a bit of convincing yourself you're fine.