Elena Matei Shares New Single ‘Fate’

International supermodel and singer-songwriter Elena Matei is back with her brand new single Fate, an upbeat pop song that beautifully captures the unfathomable love that someone holds for their partner. 
Written by Elena Matei and Greg Shilling, Fate is an enchanting song that finds the talented artist skillfully weaving together her emotive vocals and evocative instrumentation to create a sense of intimacy and passion. Fate takes listeners on a journey through the powerful infatuation and attraction brought on by a partner, ultimately discovering its transformative and everlasting element. 
Speaking about the song, Elena Matei said, 
‘Fate’ is about deep love and connection of two souls who seem to know each other from another life. If fate tried to set them apart, they would fight with angels for their love. 
Apart from Elena's enchanting vocals I am particularly fond of the intricate guitar riffs seamlessly paired with a catchy beat and a chorus perfect to sing along to that together create an overall upbeat, feel-good atmosphere. Fate is accompanied by a mesmerizing video directed by Justin Thorne. Through vivid imagery and expressive choreography, the video focuses on Matei’s storytelling and paints a picture of two lovers amid their amorous relationship with moments of euphoria, intimacy, and heartache.