Alex Gerdt Drops New Single ‘Off To See The Sun’

Swedish singer and songwriter Alex Gerdt shares his brand new single Off To See The Sun, a super smooth piece of indie-folk music out now on Three N Music. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and chill vibes which makes it perfect for those introspective summer days alone and/or summer road trips to come. I am really enjoying how effortless his vocal delivery is, beautifully carrying the emotion of his relatable storytelling. Off To See The Sun is a song about waiting to let go, get in the car and just drive aimlessly and far, fully embracing a sense of freedom with just the right amount of melancholy. Backing his gorgeous vocals we have intricate electric guitar and lap steel seamlessly intertwined with steady drum and bass patterns, together creating an overall timeless and comforting atmosphere.


Speaking about the song, Alex Gerdt said, 
Life often becomes intensely overwhelming, and for me, there's something liberating about just letting go, getting into the car, and driving aimlessly and far. Not quite knowing where I'm headed helps me relax and clear my thoughts. The song "Off to see the Sun" originated from that feeling – the feeling of journeying aimlessly with freedom. Ultimately, the lyrics delve into inevitable change and melancholy. Doubting oneself and feeling discontent despite everything being fine. Feeling low while heading towards a sunny place – "Hating on yourself and you’re off to see the sun. Hating on yourself slowly sinking deeper now.