Queens Of Club x Evangeline Share New Single ‘Rain’

Melbourne’s Queens Of Club, comprised of Akaysha Rose (Ok Sure) and Sal White (Osopho), team up with fellow Australian artist Evangeline to deliver their new single Rain, a hypnotic piece of indie/electro-pop music. 
Out now on WHTVR, Rain transports listeners through a whirlwind of sensations, sharing a message of longing for intimacy after a night of boundless energy. This message is beautifully delivered through Evangeline's smooth, sultry vocals which effortlessly infuse the song with a touch of sensuality and emotion that I find quite addictive. Backing those gorgeous vocals and dreamy harmonies we have a captivating production that pairs hypnotic pop melodies with sultry beats, lush piano keys and memorable rhythms that together create an overall warm, spellbinding atmosphere.