Keyside Share New Single ‘Nikita’

Liverpool-based band Keyside, consisting of Dan Parker (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ben Cassidy (lead guitar), Oisin McAvoy (drums) and Max Gibson (bass, backing vocals), share their brand new single Nikita, a personal, heartfelt piece of indie-pop music. 
Out now on Modern Sky UK, Nikita was written by lead vocalist and songwriter Dan Parker and is a deeply personal song drawn from his childhood experiences. The track delves into the emotional depths of abandonment fears, the struggles of feeling invisible and uncherished, and a yearning for connection. A powerful and relatable storytelling flawlessly delivered through Dan Parker's gorgeous vocals that connect listeners with the fragility of the human condition: Backing his vocals we have killer guitar riffs seamlessly paired with steady drum patterns and catchy harmonies that culminate into an infectious chorus perfect to sing along to.