Kayla DiVenere Shares New Single ‘Small Talk’

Los Angeles-based, Canadian multi-talented artist Kayla DiVenere shares her brand new single Small Talk, a catchy alt-pop song out now on Sound Factory Records. 
Created with producer/songwriter Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set) and songwriters Maia Kelly and Zach DeGaetano, Small Talk is a punchy, alt-pop earworm of a song about the highs and lows of young adulthood. The catchy, yet introspective lyrics are beautifully delivered through Kayla's smooth, honeyed vocals which tell the story of a secret crush she has on her brother's best friend. A relatable storytelling wrapped around a captivating production that pairs intricate acoustic guitar plucks with cool drum patterns and catchy pop hooks that together create a warm, feel-good atmosphere.



Speaking about the song, Kayla DiVenere said, 
I created ‘Small Talk’ in my longing to have more than a fleeting 5 minute conversation with my crush every time he would come over. My imagination ran wild and I found myself aching for something like a John Hughes romance movie about a secret love, complete with a boombox outside my window and a mixtape of his favorite songs. After rewatching every romance movie I could find, I decided that instead of torturing myself, I should write this song in an attempt to pour my heart out and make sense of my desire for something more than small talk.