Jordyn Drops Blissful New Single ‘Happening’

Multi-faceted recording artist Jordyn has just shared his brand new single Happening, a funky, dancefloor-ready track taken from his upcoming debut album Innersections, set to arrive on April 5th via Secret Road Records. 
I am loving the blissful atmosphere of the song which instantly made my day shine a little brighter and made me excited for a fun weekend. Jordyn's silky-smooth, soulful vocals soar effortlessly over the groovy production sharing a message of not attaching ourselves to the various seasons of life, and simply just letting them flow. An uplifting, feel-good message wrapped around a memorable production that pairs groovy rhythms with bright synths, cool guitars and bass that create the perfect atmosphere for a carefree summer!



Jordyn says on the track, 
In life, hard times are inevitable; but so are good times, and neutral times, and everything in between. This song is about not attaching ourselves to the various seasons of life, & just letting them flow. On tough days, it’s brought me a lot of comfort to understand that it's just life happening. I can run from it & cause more suffering, or just accept it, extract the lessons & move forward.