Jordan Suaste Shares New Single ‘Love Who You Want To’

Los Angeles-based pop singer and songwriter Jordan Suaste shares his brand new single Love Who You Want To, a lovely pop song out now on Position Music. 
Written about his yearning for genuine connections, Love Who You Want To is an emotionally resonant piece crafted as a personal reminder to Jordan and his LGBTQ+ forward community. This uplifting and encouraging story of embracing love is beautifully conveyed through Jordan Suaste's gorgeous, expressive vocals which exude raw emotion and soul that instantly gave me the feels. Backing his stunning vocals we have emotive piano keys seamlessly paired with a captivating beat, airy harmonies and synths that together create an overall warm, empowering atmosphere. 

This beautiful song is accompanied by a colourful and striking music video, directed by Kate Zamudio, which flawlessly embodies the emotion of his storytelling!