FINAL DJS Shares New Single ‘Piece Of My Soul’

FINAL DJS, the project of German DJ/Producer Sebastian Stütz, is back with his brand new single Piece Of My Soul, a groovy, nu-disco-infused House cut out now on Soave Radio. 
I am loving the energy and feel good vibes of this song that instantly made my day shine a little brighter. This sonic masterpiece finds the talented producer inviting listeners to explore the profound connection between music and the human spirit. The smooth, airy vocals exude so much soul, emotion and joy that is enhanced by the groovy production that pairs funky, pulsating rhythms with delicate piano keys, jazzy undertones and the infectious energy of house music. As the beats unfold, you'll find yourself immersed in a romantic journey, where the melodies narrate tales of longing, desire, and unspoken connections. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite blissful and upbeat, perfect to get you in the mood for a fun, laid-back weekend.