elijah woods Shares New Single ‘second guessing’

Toronto-based multi-platinum artist, singer-songwriter, producer, and recording engineer elijah woods shares his brand new single second guessing, a heartfelt indietronica gem taken from his new EP, silver lining, which is out now! 
Co-written by Jason Suwito (Imagine Dragons) and Jack LaFrantz (Benson Boone, Beautiful Things), second guessing finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing his gorgeous vocals and dreamy harmonies that effortlessly draw our attention to his storytelling. second guessing is a song that captures the struggle of self-doubt and introspection with raw honesty and passionate vocals that are backed by an intimate piano-based melody, gradually intensifying into a chaotic crescendo by its end with killer percussive elemenths and rhythms. A song packed with emotion and soul, perfect for an introspective day home alone.