Eimear Shares New Single ‘To Be Loved’

Irish singer-songwriter Eimear shares her brand new single To Be Loved, an emotional folk-pop ballad! 
To Be Loved finds the talented artist pouring her heart out and singing about the emotional turmoil of seeking love and self-worth amidst societal pressures and expectations, questioning the things we're told make us lovable. A relatable story that questions why we try so hard to fit into those expectations that strips away parts of who we are just to have a chance at being loved. In the end the song shares a message that we should stay true to ourselves, love ourselves first as genuine love and acceptance comes from within. 
A powerful storytelling flawlessly conveyed through Eimear's rich, powerful vocals that exude so much soul and emotion, backed by dreamy harmonies and gliding effortlessly over the emotive piano keys which are seamlessly paired with lush guitar riffs, subtle strings and steady percussive elements that create an overall comforting and emotional listening experience that emphasizes the need for authenticity over conformity.