Doris Club Shares New Single ‘Lily, There's Still Time’

Doris Club, the moniker of LA-via-Singapore artist Linying, shares her stunning new single Lily, There's Still Time, taken from her debut album There’s Still Time, out now via Nettwerk. 
I am a sucker for intimate, emotional songs with delicate vocals and this one is definitely that and then some. The whole production is very warm and comforting, instantly making it perfect to play during those cold, rainy days while in the comfort of our homes. Linying's enchanting vocals exude so much emotion and vulnerability that effortlessly make me feel each and every single word she is singing. Lily, There's Still Time is a gorgeous ballad with a cinematic touch that is packed with so much soul and raw, honest emotion that is enhanced by delicate piano keys seamlessly intertwined with dreamy strings that together create such a soothing, intimate atmosphere that pull on heartstrings and makes me so relaxed and in awe with such artistry and vulnerability.



Doris Club divulges deeper about her new single, 
Every few years, I have the ability to write a song that is freakishly prophetic and details a feeling I have yet to feel. It's rare, and it always begins by my piano, where I start playing without any intention or inkling of what's to come. The metaphors write themselves and are nonsensical to my conscious mind and I finish the song almost always in tears, confused and then shrugging it off as a momentary trance, only for months or, in ‘Lily, There's Still Time’s case, years to pass and for events to transpire that subsequently clarify the core of what the song is about. I knew this process to be true for myself long before I read any psychoanalytic theorist, and understand better now that in starting Doris Club, a project named after my mother who has suffered a debilitating neuralgia for more than half her life now, I've been trying to befriend my intuition, a practice for which she has always been a shining example, as irrational and governed by her whims I've always thought her to be. The notion that there's still time came to me in this song years ago, expanded itself in the making of this record, brought me a comfort long before I needed it and today, reminds me that its passage is anything but linear. In that way, there's nothing to fear.