Danielle Leydon Shares New Single ‘Hometown Song’

American singer and songwriter Danielle Leydon shares her brand new single Hometown Song, a lovely indie-pop song with a lot of heart! 
Hometown Song finds the talented artist delving into the complex relationship she has with the concept of "home", as she was born in a place and raised in another, struggling to answer the question "where are you from"?. In the end, Danielle comes to accept her relationship with both places as different forms of home. A relatable storytelling beautifully conveyed through her gorgeous, passionate vocals that exude so much raw, honest emotion that is impossible not to feel what she is singing about. Backing her lovely vocals we have a captivating production that pairs a catchy beat throughout the song that is seamlessly paired with lush synths, infectious guitar riffs and cool rhythms that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone.



Speaking about the song, Danielle Leydon said,
I wrote this directly after my first visit back to San Francisco (the city I was born in) in over ten years. Though a short trip, it released an insane amount of emotions and memories I could not keep to myself. Being in the place where I have my earliest memories to find it a completely new world shook me to my core. The first place I called home is gone. I rejected El Paso, the place I moved to for so long, only to realize the place I favored for all those years doesn’t even exist anymore. It caused me to reflect on El Paso, and how much of it I had taken for granted.