Colourshop Shares New Single ‘Be Yourself’

Colourshop, the alias of London-based, Italian-born singer and songwriter Alfredo Salvati, has just shared his brand new single Be Yourself, an uplifting, feel-good song. 
I am really enjoying how expressive his vocal delivery is, exuding so much soul and emotion that effortlessly connects us to his positive storytelling. As the title implies, Be Yourself is a song that takes listeners on a journey through self-discovery, encouraging us to embrace our individuality and celebrate life's journey. It's a song that highlights how unpredictable life, echoing the sentiment of finding peace in the unexpected and cherish each day we have in this world. An uplifting message wrapped around an upbeat production with intricate acoustic guitar plucks seamlessly paired with catchy drums that culminate into a highly anthemic chorus that exudes joy and feel-good vibes.