Allison Leah Shares New Single ‘Sunsets’

New York-born and Nashville based singer and songwriter Allison Leah shares her brand new single Sunsets, a warm, intimate piece of folk music! 
Written about losing a friend, Sunsets finds the talented artist pouring her heart out and sing about the pain and sadness that comes from losing someone that was very close to her. I feel that losing a best friend can be as heartbreaking, if not more, as losing a partner and I am really enjoying how Allison captures the sadness through her honest storytelling and gorgeous vocal delivery. We can feel the vulnerability in her vocal delivery and how it exudes so much emotion that effortlessly connects us to this sad, heartfelt song. Backing her vocals we have delicate acoustic guitar riffs seamlessly intertwined with subtle piano keys and electric guitar touches that together create an overall sad, melancholic atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Allison Leah said,
This is a sad, heartfelt, folk song. I find that one of the hardest relationships to lose is a friend. It can change the way you see certain things, as it certainly did for me. This song is for anyone who lost someone they thought they were close to and is working to heal and move on.