Alex Rv Phillips Shares New Single ‘Everything’

British singer, songwriter and producer Alex Rv Phillips is back with his brand new single Everything, a gentle indie-folk song out now via ARVP. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and how smooth and soothing Alex's vocals sound, gliding beautifully over the captivating production and effortlessly drawing our attention to his storytelling. I am also very fond when he shifts from smooth, delicate vocals to a passionate delivery that exudes so much soul and emotion that makes it impossible not to feel what he is singing.
Everything finds the talented artist navigating the complex emotions of letting go of someone still deeply embedded in one's life, capturing the sweet sorrow of cherishing memories while accepting they are now in the past. The song shares an empowering message of personal growth and healing as the act of letting go is the first step towards it. Backing his vocals we have intricate acoustic guitars that are seamlessly paired with a steady drum pattern and delicate piano keys that build up in intensity and passion in the chorus. Check it out below!