Aaron Hines Drops New Single ‘Replay’

American singer, songwriter, and musician Aaron Hines shares his brand new single Replay, a super smooth, soulful piece of R&B out now on DukeTaylorRecords. 
Replay finds the talented artist gifting us with one of his most vulnerable songs to date as we find him delving into the timeless struggle of choosing the wrong love. A tale of a shattering heartbreak that is beautifully conveyed through Aaron's rich, soulful vocals that instantly connect us to his relatable storytelling. Backing his gorgeous vocals we have a captivating R&B production with cool guitar riffs seamlessly with killer percussive elements, catchy rhythms and dreamy harmonies that together create an overall warm, intimate atmosphere that explores of the emotional struggle, providing solace and resonance to those navigating the treacherous path of love. Check it out below!