R E L Premieres ‘Intuition’ Music Video

Los Angeles-based artist R E L, the moniker of Arielle Sitrick, shares the official music video for her latest single Intuition which is out now on EVOCAPOP! 
This is a moody, emotionally raw track that finds R E L delving into the profound journey of self-discovery, emphasizing the importance of embracing vulnerability and truth. Her poignant lyrics - which are flawlessly delivered through her gorgeous, heartfelt vocals - tell the story of her own recovery, one of healing from a desensitized and overstimulated culture that many of us experience in the modern western world. You can clearly feel the pain and emotion pouring from her vocal delivery which is enhanced by a captivating indie-pop production that features warm rhythms, lush strings and killer percussive elements.

Speaking about the song, R E L confides,
We are conditioned to believe that we need validation or likes or certain status markers, or a certain amount of money or body type to be successful, to be likeable, to be valuable, when we really are all so valuable inside- underneath the facade we've built is a society aching for authenticity.

In the accompanying music video (shot and directed by Paige Strabala) R E L takes on the persona of a pierrot, symbolizing the facade we often wear. As the video unfolds, she sheds her costume and mask, revealing a newfound freedom and inner strength. The cinematic visual beautifully captures the essence of the song's message, that by stripping away our protective layers, we can discover resilience and the power within.