Oakland Rain Unveil New Single ‘If You Were A Song’

Norwegian Indie folk-pop / Americana duo Oakland Rain share their brand new single If You Were A Song, a warm, intimate piece of music taken from their upcoming double full-length debut album Twin Flames. 
I am really enjoying the intimate, pastoral atmosphere of this song and how it pairs their gorgeous vocals and harmonies over a memorable production rich with delicate finger-picked guitars seamlessly paired with a lush fiddle and banjo that together paint a vivid picture of nostalgia. Quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience perfect for a reflective weekend home alone.



Twin Flame Part 1: The Evergreen, set to release in August 2024, explores an elegant, Americana earthiness inspired by their time in Northern California and their grandfather's musical preferences. This side of the album delves into the realism of life, exploring themes of self-evolution, compassion, mental health, social engagement, and nature. 

Twin Flame Part 2: Heavenly Blue, set to release in spring 2025, will further showcase the duo's versatility, gracefully delving into Nordic fleeting alternative pop. The album's conceptual and thoughtfully curated project is a testament to the transformative experience for Maren and Charlotte, both personally and artistically.