Niklas Dee Drops Electrifying Euro-dance-inspired Single "Now" Feat. Kiara Nelson

German heavyweight DJ and super-talented producer Niklas Dee returns with his new euphonious gem Now, an electrifying euro-dance-inspired gem out now on Crash Your Sound. 
For this song, the talented producer teamed up with Finnish-American singer and songwriter Kiara Nelson whose luscious, mesmerizing vocals are packed with so much soul and emotion that instantly infuses the song with a touch of euphoria and emotion. Now beautifully pairs Niklas Dee's signature sonic style, paying homage to 90s dance music icons with a driving bass at its heartbeat, complemented by energetic, undulating melodies, lively piano keys and Kiara's gorgeous vocals. This song has so much energy, instantly making me want to get up and dance the pain away and I think you guys will love it too! Check it out below!