Nai'a Drops New Single ‘Just Kids’

Canadian singer and songwriter Nai'a shares her brand new single Just Kids, a sad, melancholic piece of music about the pains and gains of growing up, wondering if you'll see your dreams come true. 
I am loving how passionate and heartfelt Naia's vocal delivery is, exuding raw emotion, soul and vulnerability that instantly makes us feel the pain and emotion of her storytelling. There's something about her vocals that just makes me want to come back to the song over and over again, as it effortlessly creates a moving, sad atmosphere that just gives me the feels each time I listen to it. Backing her stunning vocals we have emotive piano keys seamlessly paired with violin and cello strings that together create an overall warm, melancholic atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone!



Speaking about the song, Nai'a said, 
Whether it's losing a best friend during the AIDS epidemic, learning your parents aren't perfect, or living in a big city at a young age, growing up is far from easy. I was inspired by the book "Just Kids" by Patti Smith. Reading her story, and knowing my own, I write about the pains and the gains of growing up, and asking the question, will our dreams ever come true? I plan to promote this song to young adults through my TikTok audience, as I believe this song could relate to them the most.