Mike G Shares New Single ‘Me & You’ ft. Leyla Blue

Californian multifaceted musician and producer Mike G shares his brand new single Me & You an upbeat alt/indie-pop song. 
For this song the talented artist teamed up with singer-songwriter Leyla Blue whose lush, passionate vocals soar effortlessly over the captivating production, beautifully showcasing the seamless synergy between the two talented artists. I am really fond of the trap-inspired beat which is nicely paired with cool rhythms, lush guitars and a memorable pop hook that together create the perfect soundscape for Leyla's rich, expressive vocals and dynamic delivery to soar.



Speaking about the song, Mike G said, 
For my second single, I wanted to put together a killer pop record, but in my own style and with some edge to it. I wrote ‘Me & You' before I released my first record, but then found it challenging to find a bigger artist to consider it. When it comes to working with pop artists, there's no denying that I am extraordinarily picky. One of my boys that does management for me linked me with Leyla and her team, suggesting her for the record, and I was blown away when I heard her music. She's completely in her own lane with her approach, and she's one of the few artists I've heard that can write music that's amazing from both a songwriting standpoint and a TikTok one, which is quite the skill to have in 2024.