Memorial Share New Single ‘Circle’

After recently returning with a brand-new single, Corduroy, acclaimed alt-folk duo Memorial have just shared their brand new single Circle, the second single to be taken from their upcoming sophomore studio album, Redsetter, set to arrive through Lucy Rose’s Real Kind Records (Bess Atwell, Samantha Crain) on May 10th. 
What I like the most about this song is how warm it sounds, with touches of melancholia that make it perfect for those reflective days home alone. Their vocals and harmonies exude so much soul and emotion, beautifully connecting listeners to their relatable storytelling. I am loving the delicate acoustic guitar strums seamlessly paired with steady drums and emotive piano keys that create such a comforting, reflective atmosphere that keeps me coming back to it over and over again.



Speaking about “Circle”, they said, 
Circle was formed from a tragic series of events that happened to a family friend. They lost their partner and two dogs all in the space of a week. After hearing the news, this song seemed to ache its way out of our subconscious. Despite the pain we feel in bereavement, believing in the cyclical nature of energy provides a comfort that words often can’t. This song is centred around that feeling, being in a state of learning from a presence that’s not physically there and being able to keep the memory of someone with you to the point where it almost feels tangible without losing your sense of reality.