LuxJury Share New Single ‘Couples Therapy’
London indie-pop trio LuxJury are back with their brand new single Couples Therapy, a captivating song that finds the band exploring polyamory and romanticised encounters. 
I am really enjoying lead singer and founder Nicole Fermie's rich, commanding vocals and effortless storytelling that beautifully showcases her gift for telling captivating stories with a heavy dose of ironic self-awareness. Couples Therapy finds Nicole telling the story of the consequences of a wandering eye, and the complexities of romanticised encounters. A balance of indulgence and responsibility, Couples Therapy is wrapped around an infectious production that pairs intricate guitar plucks with gorgeous drum patterns and rhythms that create the perfect soundscape for their storytelling to soar.

Speaking about the song, Nicole Fermie said,
Couples Therapy was initially inspired by a girl at work who’s mere presence upended my life for a few months and drove me to end a long term relationship I was in. I wrote the track months later reflecting on the absurdity of intimacy, and how words and skin carry equal weight in how close we feel to people. (...) Across all cultures, we can never seem to talk about the things that actually matter - especially with those we’re closest to. It also explores the rise of polyamory and sexual fluidity and misunderstandings around what it takes to sustain these states emotionally for all involved.
Accompanying the release, the band share its official music video which you can check out below!