Lauren Minear Shares New Single ‘The Sun’

Critically-acclaimed, indie folk pop singer-songwriter Lauren Minear shares her brand new single The Sun, a sun-soaked pop gem! 
The third single to be taken from her forthcoming sophomore album Chasing Daylight, The Sun is a song that encourages listeners to trust and believe in themselves and how true happiness comes from within. An uplifting pop gem beautifully delivered through Lauren Minear's smooth, rich vocals that soar effortlessly intricate guitar riffs, steady percussive elements, subtle piano keys and atmospherics that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for the weekend!

Speaking about the song, Lauren Minear said, 
Full disclosure, this song was partially inspired by Grey’s Anatomy. I rewatched the series start to finish in 2021 when I was writing this batch of songs. I was thinking about how people sometimes look for their happiness outside of themselves - the right job, the right partner, the right body, etc…but that true happiness comes from within. I watched the scene when Christina tells Meredith “he's dreamy but you're the Sun”, and I loved that metaphor. I wrote the line “looking for a brighter star to shine on you when you light up the morning” and took that to a writing session with Dan. I'm especially proud of the bridge in this song. I had the idea that I wanted it to be a list of powerful forces in nature - kind of an ode to the divine feminine. It was one of those magic songwriting moments where the section came out of my fully formed in like 10 seconds. Now, it's my favorite song to perform.

Accompanying the release, Lauren shares its official music video, directed by Meg Case, which effortlessly embodies the song's warmth and feel-good vibes!



Speaking about the video, Lauren added, 
The idea for this video is that we are meeting the protagonist's artist self, closely related to her child self. This is the part of her that has been dormant. It's the part that she needs to be happy. Parenting is so hard - it's an equalizer. We all go into it as beginners, no matter how competent or advanced we are in other walks of life. When I became a parent for the first time, I fell back on singing to my kids whenever I didn't know what else to do. I feel like they brought me back to my artist self.