Kristin Carter Shares New Single ‘Euphoria’

Canadian artist Kristin Carter shares her brand new single Euphoria, the second single to be taken from her upcoming debut album, Full Bloom, set to arrive on April 5th! 
Co-produced by Carter and Marcus Ramsay, Euphoria is a dance-friendly pop anthem with country vibes that radiates with joy and passion, instantly getting me in a good mood. I am really fond of Kristin Carter's gorgeous vocals and passionate vocal delivery that beautifully captures the excitement of a new romantic connection. This message is wrapped around upbeat guitar riffs seamlessly intertwined with punchy drum patterns and rhythms that culminate into a highly infectious chorus perfect to sing along to!



Speaking about the song, Kristin Carter said,
The magic of finding electric chemistry with another person is the basis for ‘Euphoria’, as well as how that moment can make someone feel about themselves. In writing the song, Steve and I developed the lyrics into a central message of letting go of inhibitions, trusting confidence and instinct as a guide, leaning into the excitement of the euphoric unknown in whatever form that may take.