JupiterReign Shares New Single ‘In a Rush’

JupiterReign, the moniker of Canadian singer-songwriter Thaydra Gray, shares her brand new single In a Rush, the standalone single to her debut album, Jupiter's Dreams, which will arrive this Autumn. 
In a Rush is a smooth, sensual piece of R&B that captures the excitement and spontaneity that often accompanies romantic connections. It’s a vivid picture of the thrill and passion that come with the fast-paced nature of love, making it a perfect anthem for those who savour the playful and sensual aspects of their relationships. A message flawlessly conveyed through JupiterReign's soulful vocals which glide over a sonic fusion, where soft R&B melodies, rhythmic hip-hop beats, and infectious Afrobeat rhythms converge to create an immersive musical experience perfect for laid-back bedroom sessions.