Jenna Kearns Shares New Single ‘Hear Me’

Welsh singer and songwriter Jenna Kearns shares her brand new single Hear Me, a heartfelt song that presents the intense emotions surrounding feeling misunderstood/ gaslit. 
Although Hear Me explores Kearns own experience of being gaslighted for years by medical professionals, it’s one of those songs that can relate to many other situations whether that be individuals with chronic illnesses, or any person feeling that they are being silenced. I am really enjoying how honest and relatable the storytelling is, beautifully conveyed through Jenna's lovely, expressive vocals which infuse the song with a memorable dose of vulnerability and emotion. Backing her vocals we have soaring guitar riffs seamlessly paired with a punchy beat and lush, emotive piano keys that build up into a powerful and infectious chorus.



Speaking about the song, Jenna Kearns said, 
I unfortunately like so many others are dismissed far too often, as I was so sick it effected every aspect of my life, mental health, relationships. Therefore, from constantly being told there was nothing wrong, I felt alone and trapped in a place where there was no light at the end of the tunnel. After years during one emergency visit to the hospital, it was found I had a tear in the top of my stomach wall, all the issues I’d been experiencing finally made sense, breathing issues, choking, the situation got so much worse before it got better.