Jack Francis Shares New Single ‘Failure’

British multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Jack Francis shares his brand new single Failure, a deceptively buoyant song taken from his upcoming album Early Retirement, due for release on March 22nd via Artchtop Records. 
I am really enjoying the upbeat atmosphere of the song and how Jack beautifully pairs Americana, indie, and Gospel elements into a fun, memorable listening experience. Failure finds the talented artist taking a self-deprecating look at himself, drawing from personal experience and singing from a place of humbling acceptance. A relatable song beautifully delivered through his passionate, expressive vocals which soar over upbeat guitar riffs seamlessly intertwined with gospel-inspired harmonies, killer bass, punchy drums and hazy organ chords.



Speaking about the song, Jack Francis said, 
They say to write what you know… “Failure” is about what it’s like to be an artist in the current climate. Whilst it is tongue in cheek, it definitely comes from personal experience. In the time I’ve been an active musician, pretty much everything about what it means to do this for a living has changed and “Failure” conveys some of those difficulties and frustrations.