Holly Blair Drops New Single ‘Used To Dying’

LA-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and filmmaker Holly Blair shares her new single Used To Dying, a warm, introspective indie-pop song! 
Produced by Caleb Knott (of BROODS), Used To Dying is written from the perspective of an AI trying to understand her own consciousness. This gem is also about belonging, a relatable message most of us can relate to. I am really enjoying the tone of Holly Blair's vocals and how they infuse the song with a memorable dose of emotion and vulnerability that makes it stand out even more. I am also very fond of the guitars and catchy drum patterns that tie everything together into a warm, introspective listening experience. 

Speaking about the song, Holly Blair says, 
The world we are living in is so rapidly changing and so many things about the way we live feels so counterintuitive, and I think a lot of people are feeling that right now in the current climate. On a subconscious level I think the song is really about the feeling of not understanding the structures we are encouraged to live within, especially within Western culture.
The title of the song “Used to Dying” refers to a line in the song where I am describing her awareness of constantly being reset and starting over as a blank slate intended to learn for the benefit of something larger than her. The cycle of life and death is something I don’t think we are wired to fully grasp as humans, and yet it is truly the only truth we know exists. Writing the story through her lens helped me tap into feelings I often grapple with of not totally understanding what my role should be in this life. I think the song draws a parallel between AI consciousness and human consciousness, in that maybe the same way humans have tried to understand why we are here, whether it be through religion or science etc. AI may grapple with the same ideas and that might just be the nature of existence.

Accompanying the release, Holly Blair shares its official music video which she self-directed with her brother!