Danny L'Amour Shares New Single ‘You Made Me Hate LA’

Brooklyn-based solo artist Danny L’Amour shares his brand new single You Made Me Hate LA, a captivating fusion of indie-rock, pop and r&b music out now on Rat Tooth Records! 
What I like the most about this song is how passionate and heartfelt his vocal delivery is, with that slight raspy touch that effortlessly enhances the emotion of his relatable storytelling. You Made Me Hate LA is the latest single to be lifted from his highly-anticipated debut album and it's a mellow yet raw indie ode to hating Los Angeles, in the way that only an ex-lover could inspire. I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords and how they are seamlessly intertwined with lush guitar strums and punchy drums that beautifully create the perfect soundscape for his heartfelt vocals and storytelling to soar. A gritty east coast surf rock breakup anthem perfect to sing along to and to reminisce.