Bess Atwell Shares New Single ‘Release Myself’

British singer and songwriter Bess Atwell has just shared her brand new single Release Myself, a shimmering folk/indie-pop song taken from her upcoming album, Light Sleeper out on May 24th via Lucy Rose’s Communion imprint Real Kind Records. 
I am a fan of Bess Atwell's rich, expressive vocals which effortlessly command the listener's attention from start to finish. You can feel the raw emotion and soul pouring from her flawless vocal delivery that finds her singing about her panic disorder and how she struggles with it. A relatable storytelling wrapped around a captivating production that pairs soaring electric guitar riffs with steady drum patterns, lush atmospherics and rhythms that together create a warm atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone.

Speaking about Release Myself, Bess said,
There are always a couple of songs on a record that just sort of fall out of you and this was one of them. This was the first time I’ve managed to write about my panic disorder without slipping too far into sorry-for-myself or cheesy, faux-empowering territory. It’s a song that says “hey I’m struggling but I’m not a victim”.

This song is accompanied by a beguiling new video, shot with Dylan Friese Greene, which you can check out below.


About the visuals Atwell said,
I knew I wanted to lean into a slightly 90s wall-of-guitars sound and make it as energetic as possible, without losing the song. My friend (artist Derek Inver) and I were discussing this era of music and how brilliantly expressive and unafraid a lot of the indie pop was. I wanted to perform like I meant it, because I do. I hope that’s apparent on this track.