Samantha Margret Unveils New Single ‘Make Myself A God’

American singer and songwriter Samantha Margret has just shared her brand new single Make Myself A God, a moody, confident piece of electro-pop music. 
I am loving the song's dreamy, ethereal-like intro before it bursts into a moody, dark electro-pop gem that finds the talented artist singing about chasing a sense of wonder and being the one that brings freedom and creativity to her life. This message is flawlessly conveyed through her gorgeous, dynamic vocal delivery that exudes with emotion and confidence, gliding beautifully over the polished electro-pop production. Apart from her vocals, I am particularly fond of the the punchy, gritty beat that infuses the song with a dark edge and is beautifully paired with cool rhythms and dreamy, expansive synths that together create quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience.